img 24 July 1891 - Born in Líšeň, near Brno, Moravia
img 1910-12 - Private art lessons with David Kohn, Vienna
img 1910-12 - Gymnastics training, participating in a competition in Berlin
img 1913 - Recruited to the Austrian Army
img 1919 - 20 Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague Active member of the Maccabi sport club in Prague
img 1921 - 23  Travels to Amsterdam, London, Paris, Spain and Italy
img 1923 - Immigrates to Palestine. Settles in Jerusalem
img 1924 - Marries Dina (Clementine) Mayer. Birth of their daughter Dvora
img 1925 - First Visit to Brno, exhibits his work. In the following years continues to visit and exhibit in Czechoslovakia and Europe
img 1926 - Birth of his son Eliyahu (Elie)
img 1930 - Travels to Iraq and Iran with Wolfgang Von Weisel
img 1936 - Commissioned by the Museum of Biblical Antiquities in Brno to paint a panorama of Jerusalem, a view from the Mount of Olives. The painting is exhibited in Blum's studio and at the Tel Aviv Museum prior to its delivery
img 1936 - 37 Spends a few months in Brno, Czechoslovakia
img 1938 - 39 Resides in London for 18 months, paints portraits and participates in exhibitions
img 1946 - Elie Blum is killed in action during the Night of the Bridges, a Palmach operation
img 1947-65 - Settles in a studio in "Talita Kumi" in Jerusalem until its evacuation
img 1948 - Studio in Talita Kumi was bombed, destroying one painting
img 1948-49 - Volunteers to the Civil Guard in Jerusalem, guards in roadblocks, draws and paints figures and sites of Israel's War of Independence
img 1951-52 - A ten-months visit to the USA, exhibits and forms professional contacts
img 1964 - Death of his wife Dina
img 1968- Awarded the Honorary Citizen of Jerusalem title
img July 28 1974 - Dies in Jerusalem
img 2000 - Plaque hanged on Blum's birth home in Líšeň
img 2014 - Ludwig Blum Street inauguration in Moza, Jerusalem